Our Proposal

Regardless of the situation your company is currently in, we accompany you in taking all of the steps necessary to ensure effective network security.

We offer workshops on all the various areas of IT security, analyze your existing network, subject it to tests that we discuss with you in advance and provide you with recommendations on improvements.

Even if your network is perfectly secure, you still need to make sure it stays that way. Here, we offer you a variety of different service levels that differ depending on the number of rule changes included and the monthly reports. Together with you, we define the right Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your company.

We place the highest demands for quality on our services and a great deal of importance on high standards. For this reason, all levels of our SLAs include the following services:

You‘ll find an overview of our complete spectrum of services here.

Offering effective Managed Firewall Services also means relying on the leading technological solutions for meeting the various demands. As part of our efforts to offer the best possible technological solutions, we partner with renowned globally active vendors of Internet security solutions like Dell SonicWall, Cisco, Juniper, CheckPoint and Stonesoft, for example.