Distributors & Resellers

With us, you can offer Managed Security Services on your own without having to invest in resources and develop your own unique IT security know-how. Our Managed Security Services can be easily modified to suit the needs of the reseller or end customer and can be implemented quickly. The services are vendor-independent. If you are supported by Appliance Remote Management, this can be integrated into our Managed Security Services.

We offer our resellers many key advantages:

  • Added value without any additional investments
  • Additional monthly income on a regular basis
  • With MSS as a “back-end” supplier, there is no need for you to make any further investments
  • 30% average margin for reselling our services alone
  • The service is available immediately
  • Around the clock service (24*7*365) is standard for MSS
  • Internet Security Services are a stable source of monthly income and create high customer loyalty