The Problem

Access to business-critical data increasingly takes place using insecure public networks like the Internet, for example. Nevertheless, your company needs to be able to rely on the integrity of this data, otherwise it can damage its image or the image of the brand.

Establishing, maintaining and monitoringNetwork Monitoring refers to monitoring and checking networks, their hardware (for instance servers, routers and switches) and services (for instance web servers, DNS services and e-mail services) on a regular basis. the type of security environment that is necessary on your own means not only having to invest in hardware, software, licenses and maintenance, but also high personnel and infrastructure costs.

If you delegate responsibility for 24x7 monitoring and managing network security to your own internal IT department, there usually won't be enough time, expertise or technical resources to perform this task effectively.

Although security is a basic requirement, it simply isn't one of your company’s core competences.